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Tactical Firearms Training - Albania (Course can also be delivered at Client's Location)

Tactical Firearms Training for Hostile Environments - Albania 14 Days 

(This course can be combined with the Bodyguard Training to include 28 Days)

Our Tactical Firearms Training Course is designed to give candidates a fundamental understanding of weapons familiarization while working in a Hostile Environment. This training focuses on working as part of a Team from both an Individual Standpoint and as a Team Member.  Course will be conducted in Practical and Theoretical Sessions as well as both Dry Fire and Live Fire Situations.

Modules on this Training Included

  • Close Quarter Battle (C.Q.B.)
  • Tactical Movement
  • Escape & Evasion
  • Pistols - Familiarization and Use
  • Carbines - Familiarization and Use
  • Long Rifle - Familiarization and Use
  • Fundamentals of Terrorism
  • And Much More......

Additional Module on Tactical Medical Care:

  • The pre-hospital environment
  • Patient assessment
  • Respiration and airway management
  • Basic life support
  • Circulation and shock
  • Medical related emergencies
  • Trauma related emergencies
  • Scene management

This Course in Brief

14 Days Training giving participants the Skills, Knowledge and understanding of working within a Hostile Environment. Training is conducted in Practical and Theoretical Sessions as well as both Dry Fire and Live Fire Sessions.


This course can be taken as a standalone course however it is best conducted after or alongside the Bodyguard Training (14 Days) Course.

Training is instructed by highly Experienced Instructors with many years operational experience in Hostile Environments.

 Upcoming Dates:

  • June 15-28 2019 (Tirana, Albania)
  • July 15-28 2019 (Tirana, Albania)

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